Biography Of Erika Mccoy 's Work Essay

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Erika McCoy graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. She was a vibrant, active, and creative individual. After graduating college, she landed a job with a leading staffing agency as a Recruiter.
She was enthusiastic about the opportunity, but was nervous about having to meet a quota every week in order to remain with the company. The pay and the benefits were above average and provided a rewarding opportunity.
As a Recruiter her job was to post job descriptions on job boards, college boards, search databases to identify candidates and review resumes in relation to position requirements. She went through a two-week training to become familiar with the field of recruiting and understand how to meet the company’s expectations.
The most nerve wrecking part was speaking to candidates over the phone and selling them an “opportunity”. She was very timid like anyone would be starting out as a first time recruiter. However, with 6 weeks’ time, she gained confidence and was on the top of the leader board and named Most Valuable Player, for most hires per week. The fuel to her success was her attitude and personality that made her more personable to the candidates.
Suddenly the pressures of being a top recruiter got the best of Erika. She began to notice her weekly hires declined, frustrated with her performance Erika began to lose faith in her ability to the job. The pressure of hitting her quota every week to avoid being on the chopping block weighed a…

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