Paterson: The First Hispanic President

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Years into the future after the damages of Hillary Clinton and Trump. Came a man from the shadows of Paterson New Jersey. This man came to fix the issue of America and his name is Enrique Bonilla and is the first Hispanic president of the United states which later becomes named Paterson. During President Enrique eight-year term he has done many things to change the country. First by making the us capital name Paterson. Then he stopped police brutality and everyone in a peaceful community. He declared that the Rich would have to pay taxes and the poor do not. The President later invades Russia because they made fun of his hair. The president also ended would hunger and is the first Hispanic president of the united states and all that he has …show more content…
The hunger population was increasing but with all the money that was won because of the war. he invested in a cloning machine were food could be cloned so they never ran out. Due to that investment, all the children of the world were able to have meals. Also the country loved the president so much because he was the first Hispanic president. He understood how it was to live in poor conditions and not to have many food. He would have to live on food stamps for quite a while when the country was named the united states. The cause of that love was because he cared to the poor and the Hispanics this cause encourage Hispanics that anything is possible in this world to accomplish. Eight years later Enrique term was over and all the citizens cried because he left many people idolized many people hated him, but overall many say his was a good president because he always defended the poor.
In conclusion, Enrique caused many issue, but many were resolved. Naming the united states as Paterson was really confusing nobody in the country did not know where they were going. Enrique stopped cops from hating citizens and they became more friendly by the weekly seminars. Enrique destroyed the economy by not taxing the people, but made the economy flourish was when he invaded Russia because they made fun of his hair. Then he ended world hunger with a cloning machine and was the first Hispanic president that encourage Hispanics that anything can be

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