Biography Of Elfie Huntington Bagley ( Fig ) Essay

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Elfie Huntington Bagley


Elfie Huntington Bagley (fig. 1), a Springville, Utah native, produced a vast number of photographs between the years of 1892 and 1949. Elfie, while primarily working in Springville, Utah, traveled the entire state and the Mountain West making photographs. Her photography tells a story of life in Utah at the turn of the twentieth century. In her work, she shows a particular interest in photographing the lives of women. Her photographs of women and girls shed light on a female culture of exploration, adventure and sisterhood in Utah during a formative time in the state’s history.

The Photographer and her Mentors

Elfie Huntington Bagley’s life is an interesting one. It reflects the difficulties of living in a frontier state but does not heed to stereotypical female roles of the day. Elfie Huntington was born on December 27, 1869 in Springville, Utah. Her trials early on in life set the tone for an unconventional life ahead. At four years old, Elfie developed scarlet fever, which rendered her deaf for the rest of her life. In 1874, when she was six, her mother died and she was sent, with her sister Viola , to live with her grandmother, and then, subsequently, her aunt and uncle Lydia Boyer and Don Carlos Johnson. Don Carlos Johnson would prove to be influential in her future photography. Don Carlos Johnson owned and operated the Springville Independent, a local newspaper. Carlos, who occasionally acted in local plays, was…

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