Biography Of Dr. Charles Tita 's African American Literature Class

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During the Fall semester of the 2015, I was a part of Dr. Charles Tita’s African American Literature class. Originally, I took the class to fill up my credit hours as well fulfill a prerequisite for my major. The first day of class was like many others and I believed this would be just another “read and respond” class. As the semester moved along, I quickly realized that this class would not be like the others but instead be something new and different. Unlike other classes where professors assign texts and give out a few questions, this class actually held discussions on what was read. I admired the fact that a professor was actually able to lead a classroom discussion in which almost every student participated in. The atmosphere of the class room presented a safe zone where students were able to express their thoughts and interpretations without fear of their words being rejected or dismissed. Dr. Tita made sure that everyone was heard and that their ideas where respected. By giving this assurance, he created a platform on which every student wanted to be on to express their take on the texts. Having a majority of the class participating showed just how far we have come in presenting ourselves and getting our voices heard. By reading and discussing we became enlightened, and were able to move forward as a class. Bell Hooks really summarized the message and theme of this class. Although we didn’t have any text to read by her, we did view videos in which she expressed…

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