Coco Chanel's Motivation

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In 1939, Coco Chanel would suddenly decide to fire all 2,500 of her employees and closed up her businesses entirely. A clear explanation was never provided, but it could be a reaction to the start of the war or it could have been revenge for the strike that occurred three years prior. Either way, Chanel chose to hide away from the fashion world with only money coming through a percentage of perfume sales that she owned. During this time, there is a lot of speculation about what kind of role Chanel played during WWI and whether or not she was actually an agent for the Nazis. For the next fourteen years, Chanel did not create, design, or release any new clothes.
Late into the war, Chanel slowly came back into the business, initially to fight
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While a number of names came along, Christian Dior was considered the new top of the line fashion brand, who developed ultra-feminine designs that border on the excessive. Chanel viewed these new styles as a disaster and went against everything she believed in for women’s fashion. Many did not think she would do anything about considering she was seventy years old at this point in 1953 and tainted by her Nazi affiliation, but Coco Chanel was planning her comeback.
During the summer of 1953, Chanel returned to her studios and was able to gather many of her former employees to return, still possessing those charismatic skills. In December of 1953, she officially stated her intention and the fashion world immediately started writing articles regarding her fame. On February 5, 1954, she hosted her first runaway show in front of 31 run Cambon and France was incredibly displeased. They found her new line to be dull and a disappointing reflection of her past works, and they disliked her total rejection of the new modern feminist
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Her funeral in the Eglise de la Madeleine was attended by several hundred people, including her personal models all wearing Chanel attire. Despite her bitterness towards the end, people could not deny her brilliance and her tenacity to move forward, despite the criticism she received during the resurgence. It is often claimed that a bottle of Chanel No. 5 perfume is sold every three seconds throughout the world. Furthermore, “the Chanel corporation, founded in 1910, is the highest-earning privately owned luxury goods manufacturer in the world” (Garelick, 2014, p. xiv). Her influence, vision, and strength as a woman born out of poverty to only rise into the ranks of stardom is an inspiration to many. Despite some of the questionable aspects during her life, it is arguably agreed that Coco Chanel proven to the world that she was an intelligent businesswoman and one of the well-known leaders in the fashion industry to this

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