Biography Of Christopher Columbus, The Pilgrims, Native Americans, And Slavery

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History is all one big lie. There have been many misconceptions about the history that has been taught to students throughout grade, middle and high school. Most of these misconceptions include the background information over topics such are Christopher Columbus, the pilgrims, Native Americans, and slavery. After reading books by authors like Howard Zinn and James Loewen it made it easier to understand how the history that has been included in textbooks is manipulated and altered by certain groups of people. People of which include Texas Education Board members like Don McLeroy, Mary Lou Bruner, and Cynthia Dunbar. After the readings, it wasn’t hard to see that most of the stories that were taught to us differ greatly from what actually happened. History textbooks have complicated the learning of history by lying about important details and portraying historical figures as heroic.
Christopher Columbus wasn’t actually the first person to discover the new world and shouldn’t be celebrated as such. While many people believe that he is the person that discovered America there’s been proof that long he before he came to the new world many other groups of people set foot on it. We’ve always been taught that he discovered the new world, and for that he held him in a heroic statute. Columbus was also not as heroic as he’s been portrayed in textbooks. From the start of the voyage Columbus was very demanding, and once he reached shore he decided that he had ownership of anything that…

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