Compare And Contrast Benjamin Franklin And Frederick Douglass

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There are several men who changed the face of the United States. Some used their strength and power, but these two individuals helped change the United States with their education. The knowledge that Benjamin Franklin and Fredrick Douglas have is much respected. It is the reason why their names are still being used today. These men changed the world for the people they stand up for. Benjamin Franklin helped the Colonials to gain independence from Britain. Fredrick Douglas help identify the wrongs in slavery and helped give the ideas of abolishment of slaves.
Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston. His long reputation of being a founding father for our nation is something that will not be easily forgotten. Benjamin Franklin
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Additionally, when he had enough money, he opened his own laboratory, where he would construct scientific equipment. This is when he was famous for the kite and key to discovered electricity. He had many jobs in his life and is so widely known for all of them. His work in the Science field is something that is as equally important to what he did in the political world. Due to how much knowledge Benjamin Franklin had, he became the first diplomat for the United States. The years of the American Revolution is where his ability to lead was starting to become noticeable. When people asked what enterprises did, Benjamin Franklin undertook it as surprising because the American people knew the Declaration of Independence. Alongside Thomas Jefferson, they declared independence from Britain, a task that is not easy and would scare most men. He ensured the American people that they will all be free and he showed great individualism toward the people. He let the people know that they will break away from Britain rule. His education made him very self-reliant. He traveled to France to get aid in order to defeat the British. The French were not amused by …show more content…
He was a self-educated man, who taught himself to read and write. He was a slave that ran away. Little is known about Fredrick Douglas ' younger life but he said in his writings that he is a mixed race, where his mother is Native American. He was enslaved early in his life and had to learn to pick cotton very young. His education was something that had to be kept a secret, where he would spend days trying to read by himself and try to pick up on the words in books. He learned the alphabet at the age 12. In today 's society, that is late education. Most children learn the alphabet at age 6 and below. Alongside his books, Fredrick read newspapers and was fascinated with political parties and leaders along with everything that was going on in different states. The first book he started reading was the Bible, where some would say why he was the best fit to become a preacher, which he did. In total secrecy, he would teach the other slaves about the Bible and he would help other slaves read the New Testament. After teaching more than just a handful of slaves, he would set his sights on something more powerful than just teaching slaves. He would set his eyes on freedom for himself and freedom for other slaves. This would be his ultimate goal in his life. Furthermore, this is why he ran away and did something with his education. His enterprise was that he was an African man who ran as Statesman and became a writer. This was no doubt

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