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A Biography of Alan Turing, with Mathematics.
From the middle name one may suspect a certain class value,although the "Math" bit is a strange coincidence.
His father went to Oxford and then worked for the Indian Civil Service. His mother's father also worked in India. He was born in 1912, their second son. 1926 his father retired so perhaps he had something of normal family life from then on. Went to Sherborne, one of older public schools. Whilst there he became a close friend of Christopher Morcom. He was Alan's first love although Chris as in no way homosexual.
Has been called "his unfulfilled ideal" Otherwise only short liasons. Alan said "worshipped ground he trod on" . Could discuss science together overcoming alan's
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Newman wrote to Church and it was eventually decided that there was enough significant difference for a separate paper to me allowed. Turing soon went to Princeton himself. It is possible at least that if Turing had used a more conventional approach rather than acting so independently he would have seen Church’s work before.
A very similar thing had happened to Turing before, with the “Central limit theorem.” In 1937 Turing attended a lecture by Eddington, which discussed the distribution of scientific measurements. It was suggested that a mathematical justification was required, and by Feb. 1934 Turing had provided one. His first result for publication. He was then told that this work had been done in 1922! Turing's self-sufficient method of working had not allowed for a search to see what had been done before.
Although he could not have realized it at the time his machine is still of relevance today. Functions that are computable by a Turing machine can be described as computable functions. It provides a model by which the limits of ‘computational processes’ can be studied. This is often referred as the Church-Turing thesis in recognition of their joint efforts. Surely a remarkable achievement by any standards. War Time Work.
The next major project that Turing was involved in was war time code and cipher breaking. With the outbreak of the1939-45 war, a secret base was set up at

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