Biography Of A.c Grayling 's Theory Of Knowledge, Ideas And Reason

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A.C Grayling is a well known philosopher, and educator, with having written over 30 books on the sujets of: Knowledge, Ideas and Reason. In one instance he defined reason as being the “ Power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic” and later stated that “rightly used can settle disputes and guide us to the truth”. Opposing this, I believe that “Reason can when rightly used, lead us to the truth, but is conceptually flawed as we humans are generally emotional thinkers, subject to bias, and strong relativism believers often resulting in the opposite effect.” Throughout this essay I will be making the argument that, while reasoning is a brilliant tool if used properly, this is rarely the case and the reality is more complex and more emotional.

Reason is closely associated with logic and yet from the get go, this statement from a high ranking philosophy “official” is an example where logic is not being rightly used. “Appeal to Authority” is an illogical fallacy that occurs when a person believes another, though to be “high ranking official” and believes they words they deliver simply on the basis that they famous and therefor must be correct. When reading A.C Grayling’s novel “Meditations for the Humanist” where this quote originally stems from, many might believe this quote to be valid on the basis that A.C Grayling is a Philosopher and therefor is correct, whereas I have used my Reason, to disprove his logic, resulting in a ironic battle…

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