Biography And Cross Cultural Paper

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Biography/Cross-Cultural Paper The United States has a school system different than those in other countries, and as teachers, it is important to look outside of comfortable norms and gain a new perspective on the education system. By looking at diverse students, teachers, and education systems, teachers are better able to use their education system to their benefit and teach diverse students to the best of their ability. Marijo is a 22-year-old girl from Mexico City that had very different school experiences than are typical to those in the United States. Marijo was born and raised in Mexico City, one of the most populous cities in the world. She was born to parents both from Mexico and grew up in a family that speaks Spanish and a little English and French. From these languages that Marijo grew up around, she only learned Spanish from birth. When asked if she spoke English or any other languages, she laughed and explained that she knows very little English, or Spanglish! Marijo’s Mexico culture is extremely different to what we would be used to here in the United States. For example, women in Mexico work more than the men in some cases. However, this style of work is different because women will start their own little business selling candies or smoothies or anything they can form right outside of their homes in order to bring in a little extra money for their family. The main reason that they open these businesses in front of their homes is so that they still have…

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