Biographical Criticism Of Walter Dean Myers By Walter Dean Myers

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Biographical Criticism, shows how, a reader, relates his or her possible favorite author’s past, in order to relate it on how that author writes their story, and how the simplest pieces of texts relates towards their past. Walter Dean Myers was a famous author in his times, some of his well known books/poems included, Monsters, Fallen Angels, Slam!, Hoops, Bad Boy: A memoir, Harlem, Here in Harlem: Poems in Many Voices and etc. As he was young his mother had died when he was the age of 2, which then he grew up in Harlem, which started his legacy in reading books. His books show much of his biography as he was a kid growing up to become an author of books and poems. Notably, as stated before his mother had died when he was 2 years old, his father had given him to another family because he couldn’t live with the son anymore. So he was taken care by an …show more content…
In the book Hoops by Walter Dean Myers, the main character is a 17-year old guy, his name is Lonnie Jackson, he believes his dreams can come true, which he doesn’t stay much with his mother. In an interview with Walter Dean Myers by scholastic, it states, “What inspired you to write Scorpions? I like playing basketball with my sons at the park.” ( | Walter Dean Myers Interview paragraph 1).This shows that he liked to play basketball, with further research he had the passion for it during high school as well as writing. So the story Hoops relates to him a lot just because as he was in high school, he liked basketball so he put the main character in the story of Hoops to be playing basketball, which he didn’t spend much time with his mother, which relates since Walter didn’t have a mother so he didn’t spend much time with her

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