Biographical and Historical Approach to Langston Hughes' "Dream Boogie"

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Biographical and Historical Approach to Langston Hughes' "Dream Boogie"
Michelle Cooks
January 30, 2012

A biographical or historical approach attempt to measure how much an author's life or history has influenced their writings. Most of the time, writings are strengthened when the author writes from a biographical or historical angle, and the importance of their history becomes significant when it is used to create characters that express it's values and examines trends that occur in that time period. When using a biographical or historical approach to an author and his work, it is important that the critic is familiar with the circumstances that the author writes about. The critic must explain whether or not the
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It is a short poem that comes from Montage of a Dream Deferred, which is an entire collection of poems that was made into a book and tells a story. Therefore, the entire book must be read and understood in order to gain an understanding of "Dream Boogie." Throughout the book, Hughes makes reference to a "dream deferred." It is important to know that this "dream deferred" symbolizes Harlem (Tracy, 2004).Langston Hughes pictured Harlem as a beautiful community that could possibly overcome injustice at one point in his life; however, he began to see it as a hopeless slum. He felt like the citizens had given up on the struggle to be treated equal and become a part of the American dream. Montage of a Dream Deferred gives insight of life in Harlem (Tracy, 2004). It asks the question, "What happens to a dream deferred?" "Dream Boogie" is the answer to that question. It gives a sarcastic reply. For example, a child speaks to his father and asks him the question, "Aint you heard, the boogie-woogie rumble of a dream deferred." I interpreted this to mean that the dream of being desegregated and being treated equal was just a thought in the minds of the oppressed, but they have delayed taking any actions to make it come true. Therefore, until they stop just thinking about it in their heads and start taking steps, then they will remain in the same situation. Furthermore, the child appears to be happy and the father is puzzled as to

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