Biofuels : Are They The Future? Essay

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Daniel DiMarcella
Dr. Margaret Bryans
BIT 120
December 6th 2016
Biofuels: Are they the Future?
Everything humans need come from our planet whether it is food, water, metals or fuels. It has been determined that if we use up any one of these resources then we will be without forever. Fossil fuels, coal, oil, and natural gas are non-renewable resources. Formed from plant and animals that lived up to 300 million years ago, fossil fuels are found in deposits deep beneath the earth. The fuels are burned to release the chemical energy that is stored within this resource. Energy is essential to our modern technology based society. Currently over 82% of our energy demands are met by combustion of fossil fuel. (EIA, 2014) Coal provides 18% of our energy and oil provides 35%. Burning coal produces sulfur dioxide which is an acidic gas that contributes to the formation of acid rain. This can be largely avoided using “flue gas desulfurization” to clean up the gases before they are released into the atmosphere. This method uses limestone and produces gypsum for building material. However, it uses a lot of limestone. Petroleum is easier to get out of the ground than coal as it can flow along pipes which also makes it cheaper for transportation. Natural gas usage has surged with the domestic fracking industry. 28% of the country’s consumption of energy is natural gas. It is being burnt in power stations, to heat homes, and in some urban transportation vehicles. Like…

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