Bioethics In Christianity And Judaism

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Christianity and Judaism are two monotheistic religions which although hold similar values on ethical teachings, maintain varying perspectives on controversial issues, dividing not only world religions but denominations and individuals as a whole. Bioethics refers to biomedical advancements and the faith-based beliefs and practices concerning the controversial matters of; abortion, euthanasia and in vitro fertilisation (IVF). In Christianity and Judaism, similarities and contrasts of beliefs and practices regarding bioethical issues are evident through religious laws which are based on the religious scripture, jurisdictions and teachings of the Bible and Torah. Given that bioethics are contemporary issues they cause much speculation and criticism amongst many religious scholars as it is difficult to interpret the scriptures thus causing division.
Abortion is the intentional termination of pregnancy through the removal of the foetus
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Causing further division amongst denominations and world religions. Through interpretation of religious scriptures in Christianity and Judaism it is established that imperceptible similarities are present which are generally unobserved due to disputes which exist between mainstream Christian and Jewish adherents. Nevertheless the Bible and Torah also simultaneously reveal the differences between the two faiths, proving that the two faiths are greatly comparable, also evident that greater similarities rather than differences exist between the two religions in the areas concerning bioethics. It is rather the variances that are present within denominations that still bring about similarities. The religious scriptures in Christianity and Judaism that is the Bible and Torah are fundamental as they are the source in which determines the similarities and differences of the two

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