Biodiversity Is The Basis For All Living Organisms Essay

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Without biodiversity, how different would the world be? Biodiversity is arguably the basis for all living things. Without it, many experts believe that there would be no living organisms on the Earth. Biodiversity is the variety in all living organisms in certain ecosystems or habitats. Sustainability can be defined as meeting the needs of the current generation without risking the needs that the future generations will need. Without biodiversity, sustainability would not be possible whatsoever. If there were to be no biodiversity in today’s ecosystems, it is quite possible that every species would die off and go extinct. This is because due to genetic variations within a species, if a certain disease were to hit that kills all of the animals within a species that have a certain trait, the rest of the species with the different trait would be able to possibly survive despite the disease. Thus, sustainability is the end result due to each species still being able to support their roles within the ecosystem. The idea of biodiversity has been around for many years. Biodiversity can be related to many things. Genetic variation is what biodiversity can be most closely related with. Genetic variation is the differences between the genes of certain populations or species. This can be traced to mutation, genetic drift and sexual reproduction with mates that have different genes than your own. Ecosystem variation is another concept that makes up biodiversity. This refers to the…

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