Biochemical Test : Chemical Test Essay

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In medical or science field, biochemical test are used to identify unknown bacteria. In this case three test are essential to identify the unknown #63 and they are MAC agar test, BCP (lactose) broth and SIM deep medium/slant. Methods such as streak plate technique, aseptic technique, and proper handling of the microbe are necessary to apply when conducting these biochemical test. Contamination during the unknown lab project shows carelessness and may put patient in jeopardy due to incorrect result(80). The MAC agar plate that was stored in the incubator at 37°C for about 48 hours until the next lab time presented colonies in a dark red/pink color hinted that the microbe is a lactose fermenter(117). After 48 hours of incubation at a 37°C, BCP (lactose) which was originally a purple colored medium turned into a color yellow and signs of gas production was also noted. The test result for SIM deep slant test for the unknown #63 suggested that the unknown is a sulfur-reducing enteric bacteria due to its dark blackening color all the way at the bottom of the SIM deep slant(185). Based on the dichotomous key and series of test that was used to conduct this lab project, the biochemical tests for enteric bacteria indicated that the unknown bacterium #63 being a Citrobacter freundii (218) due to commonly found in the gastrointestinal tract and known to have the ability to ferment lactose to produce acid and gas and with few exceptions a sulfur-reducing.

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