Biocentric Ethics Analysis Essay

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Biocentric Ethics Analysis
SCI/362 - Environmental Issues and Ethics
January 27, 2014
Howard Schmidt, M.S., M.B.A.
Biocentric Ethics Analysis
Inherent and intrinsic value both refer to the value that is within the item or organism, it has value in and of itself; the value within the item or organism is “independent of the interests, needs, or uses of anyone else” (DesJardins, 2013, p. 113). Inherent value refers to the value that is found or recognized within the item or organism; whether spiritual, moral, aesthetic, symbolic, or it is of cultural importance. An organism or an item that has inherent or intrinsic value offers something of value other than as an instrument; for example, relationships with friends and
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Currently the only way to curb the virus is through the use of insecticide, which kills the whiteflies; such treatment can be expensive and a health hazard to the farmer, and the surrounding plants and animals.
Possible challenges with the use of GMOs is the question of the emphasis on noninterference by humans; to interfere with nature or to let nature take its course. There is no simple answer as to whether humans should interfere with nature. Humans have been interfering with nature since the dawn of time; cutting down trees and clearing land, damming rivers, crossbreeding animals and plants, along with immunizations and medications. The use of GMOs to create a secure food supply may initially pose some risks to humans, animals, and plants but, as with all progress, eventually the process will be perfected and the world may reap the reward of the technology. Another question is whether inherent value is only within the individual organism and the question of whether humans have a duty to the ecosystem, nonliving objects, and all species. Humans have yet to learn the valuable lesson that what affects one organism affects the entire ecosystem. Introduce an organism into an ecosystem to which it does not belong and the entire ecosystem is disrupted; such as the zebra mussel into the Great Lakes, the native clams have been almost eradicated.
Whether society accepts or likes the idea of its food

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