Bio121 Essay

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1) Anatomy & Physiology 227 Spring 2012 Dr Sheila M Wicks Take Home Exam Chapters 23 & 24 100 points Due April 8

Critical Thinking Clinical Questions
Sami has been hospitalized with acute gastritis. Her symptoms were epigastric pressure (just above the stomach), headache, nausea, and vomiting. She revealed that she had been suffering back pain and drank four shots of gin and took three aspirin to "kill the pain." What led the physician to make this diagnosis, and what may have caused the sudden attack?

A woman is brought to an emergency room complaining of severe pain in her left iliac region. She claims previous episodes and says that the condition is worse when she is constipated, and is
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The client is 45 years old and is obese. He states he has been on the Atkins diet and has lost 20 pounds. What are the dangers inherent in following fad diets for quick weight loss?

What are the possible complications of obesity from a medical standpoint?

The client is 52 years old and has a history of hypertension. His cholesterol level is 245. He states his job is very stressful and he is recently going through a divorce. He admits to being overweight and has an inactive lifestyle. His father died of a stroke at age 60. He is worried about having a heart attack and/or stroke and wishes to change his lifestyle. The nurse encourages the client to eat more fish. Explain why eating more fish would be of benefit for this client.

Match the following:
|16) Night blindness can often be caused by a deficiency in |A) vitamin A |
|________. | |
| |B) vitamin B1 |
| | |
|17) Found abundant in lean meats, liver, fish,

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