Bio Lab Case Study

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Overview of the Organization
a. Brief History. Bio Lab was establishment in 1989 and since then Bio-Labs is producing superior quality medicines and vaccines to promote animal health across the country and international market as well. Since1989 Bio Lab’s Animal Health Division has been working towards their goal and today it is a reality that Bio Lab is one of the leading animal vaccine and pharmaceutical manufacturers in Pakistan. Presently Mr Shaukat Hussain is working as CEO of the company. Bio-Labs are manufacturing pharmaceutical products including pharma, veterinary & biological products. In 2005, a state of the art manufacturing facility was set-up to manufacture and market pharmaceutical formulations for human therapeutic use.
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Future Contracts Planned for a Particular Period. Bio Lab is trying to increase their production and sales through the development of their products not only in Pakistan but international markets as well. Presently Bio Labs export their product to Middle East, Far-East, Africa and some Asian countries and it is the beginning of Bio Labs future plans. Bio Labs use latest technology and new marketing strategies to increase their share in the business world. Finance department is dealing with these types of matters and they are not willing to give detail information about future plans/contracts of the organization.
d. Product Lines. Product line is a group of related products under a single brand sold by the same company. To get extra profit normally companies sell multiple product lines under their various brands. It is marketing strategy to capture sales of consumers, who already buying company’s products. Bio Labs product line includes number of pharmaceutical products like injections, solid and liquid oral dosage forms and topical products
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Main Offices. Main office of the company is located at Plot no 145, Industrial Triangle, Kahuta Road, Islamabad, Pakistan.
d. Introduction of Departments. Like any other organization different departments are working in Bio Lab, which are following.
i. Finance department is dealing with financial matters and this department is back bone of the company. They are responsible for financial advice and support to company and clients. Generally finance department monitor cash flows and predicting future financial trends. Tax and internal audit sections are also working under finance department. Another prime responsibly of finance department is to formulate strategic and long-term business plans. ii. Administration department is backbone of organization. Effective administrator is an asset of organization. Administration department plays a vital role to effective daily operations of company. Main responsibilities of administration department are to support all activities carried on effectively to allow the other operations to function properly. We can simply say that administration department is working like a bridge between different departments and give sports to every department for improvement in their

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