Essay on Bio Cells

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| | | | | Open-ended Question Response You chose High-Powered Microscope from column A and Collection of insects from column B. You were then asked to respond to three questions: * Why did you choose these items? * How would you use your tool from column A in scientific experiments? Explain your answer. * What would you want to explore about your collection from column B? Explain your answer.This is how you responded: I chose these items because they would go hand in hand when conducting a research project. I would use the microscope to have a better understanding of an insects anatomy. Trying to understand an insects internal organs would be difficult for the unaided eye. I would want to explore how insects blood …show more content…
Research- I would review my bank account statements and see if on days I purchased Filibertos (they sell amazing carne asada fries)I also happened to purchase and consumed alcohol. I would also review all of my social media accounts because I typically will inform the world if I’ve had carne asada fries by posting pictures and add the hashtags #OMGHEAVEN #TURNDOWNFORWHAT? #DIABEETUSDONTCARE #FOODOFTHEGODS #NOMNOMNOM #BLESSED
Hypothesis- If I consume alcohol then I WILL consume more carne asada fries then when I have not consumed alcohol.
Experiment/Data- Days 1 through 3 I would go to Ra Sushi and have a couple of Sake Bombers. I will take a picture of each Sake Bomber I have and post it to my social media sights with the hashtag #DOINGSCIENCE #SMARTGUYOVERHERE #WESFAWCETTWISHESHEWASHERE This would serve as a way to review my data in the event that I black out and forget what took place. And also in case I lose my receipt and or if my iPhone 6 plus is bent while in my pocket #BENDGATE and I lose my data that I will store in my phone. Days 4 through 6 I would not consume any alcohol and log my data for that day #WISHIWASEATINGCARNEASADAFRIES #UNBLESSED #SCIENCEISTHEWORST
Analysis- After 6 days of experimenting I would review all the data collected such as receipts, social media posts with photographic evidence of alcohol and carne asada consumed.
Conslusion- After conducting this experiment this day I have come to the conclusion that on days when I drank

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