Bio-319 Final Exam study guide Essay

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Bio-319 Final Exam study guide
Chapters 7-15
*If you go through each item on this study guide and read about it on the REFerenced page and corresponding TOPic in your text, you should have an excellent study guide for the Final Exam. If you do not do this, you will likely fail this exam miserably!
Chapter 7
Deficiency disorders of B vitamins (folate, B6, B12) REF: 162 TOP: 7.3; REF: 159 TOP: 7.3
B1 (Thaimen): beriberi
B2 (riboflavin): Ariboflavinois
B3 (Naicin): Pellagra
B5 (Pantothenic Acid): Burning fee syndrome
B7 (Biotin): Depression, lack of intestinal absorption, inflamed bowel syndrome, skin irritation, hair loss, poor muscle control, seizures, development delayed
B9 (Folate): MEgaloblastic MAcsrocutic anemia,
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leads to osteoporosis
Iron: definecy: anemia, results in tiredness and shortness or breath
Copper: Wilson disease and menke’s disease
Iodine: birth defect, in adults enlarged thyroid gland in neck
Describe the minerals that are components of antioxidant enzymes REF: 210 TOP: 8.3
Vit E, C, carotenoids, Selenium
Chapter 9
Define hypertrophic and hyperplastic growth. REF: 222 TOP: 9.1
Hypertrophic: Enlargement of a part or organ
Hyperplastic: increase in cell number
Define visceral adipose tissue, subcutaneous adipose tissue and central obesity REF: 222|223 TOP: 9.1
Visceral adipose tissue:intra-abdominal found between internal organs in torso
Subcutaneous adipose tissue: fat beneath skin
Central obesity: accumulation of VAT between internal organs in abdomen
Differentiate between hunger, appetite, REF: 227 TOP: 9.2
Appetite:longing or desire for food
Hunger: actual body needing energy
Describe the role of leptin and ghrelin on hunger and the hormonal role in the ob/ob mouse experiment REF: 238 TOP: 9.6; REF: 236 TOP: 9.5
Leptin: regulates fat storage in bodycontrols hunger, tells body when full
Ghrelin: produced by stomach that stimulates hunger
Describe the physiological factors involved in satiety signal REF: 224-225 TOP: 9.2

Describe Gastric Bypass surgery REF: 225 TOP: 9.2
Division of stomach into a small upper pouch and much larger lower remnant pouch and then rearranges the small intestine to connect to both

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