Essay On Binge Eating

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Changing a habit takes patience and motivation. Some habits can benefit an individual while some behaviors could be damaging or deadly. Throughout these past 5 weeks, I was asked to change a behavior of mine so I chose to stop binge eating. Binge eating is when someone consumes large quantities of food in one sitting. For me, I literally did this once or twice a day since that would be my only meal. This habit was never intentional, I just had a busy schedule and could never find time to eat. However, I want to stop this habit because I know there will be serious health consequences for me in the future such as type II diabetes. In order to stop my habit of binge eating, I decided to start meal prepping throughout the week so I could eat 4-5 meals a day. I believe that by dividing up my meals into smaller portions I wouldn’t feel so hungry. I learned in one of my classes that if I excessively binge eat for years it could do some serious damage to my …show more content…
I always felt tempted to eat out and buy a large meal. Every time it had to eat one of my meal prep items I felt unhappy because I wasn’t really enjoying my food. This project overall sounds like a great idea, trying to change one’s behavior for the best. What is sad that it is easy to say but hard to execute. When I first started this project I thought it was going to be easy, but as weeks passed by I realized that trying to break a habit of years within a few weeks was not going to be realistic. When I tried to meal prep and have 4-5 small meals throughout the day, I constantly felt hungry and was craving really unhealthy fast food items. I have multiple friends who meal prep, and I used them as my resources. Ever since trying to meal prep like my friends, I truly respect them for being able to do it so diligently for months. I’d always ask them what kept them motivated and they would just tell me willpower and that they wanted to stay

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