Binge Eating Research Paper

Overcoming Binge Eating

Kao Ye Thao
Dr. Zuzana Bic
PH 148
This article motivated me for the PHC project: Introduction

For most undergraduates, the college experience is fraught with stress. In this early period of adulthood, students experience demanding academics, financial hardships, and lack of sleep to name a few. This stress negatively impacts their health and may lead them to adopt unhealthy behaviors (Ross et al., 2008). One of the common unhealthy behaviors present in college students, especially college women, is binge eating. According to the National Eating Disorder Association, Binge Eating Disorder affects 3.5% of women, 2% of
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First, binge eating negatively impacts physical health. Typical binge foods are high calorie and low in nutrients. As a result, binge eaters often feel unwell after a binging episode. They are also at risk for many physical problems including fluctuating weight, obesity, and high cholesterol (Phillips et al., 2016). Second, binge eating negatively impacts emotional health. After consuming a large amount of unhealthy food in a short period, binge eaters find themselves at an emotionally low point. Binge eaters are often depressed along with feeling disgusted at their bodies and disappointed for allowing the binge to take place. They do not feel like there are in control of their body. Rather, they feel like the food is controlling them and they are powerless. Further, this distressed state of mind is harmful because it opens up the possibility for more unhealthy behaviors. Binge Eating Disorder is commonly associated with Bulimia Nervosa. Bulimia Nervosa (BN) is an eating disorder in which large amounts of food are consumed followed by purging the food through vomiting in order to prevent weight gain (National Eating Disorder). Overall, binge eating is a public health issue because the binge eating decreases the quality of life. …show more content…
The first step would be to conduct formative research to analyze the psychological, social, economical, structural, and cultural factors at play that effect binge eating. By understanding these factors, the public health team can create an effective intervention because it will be catered to the target population. Gathering information can be done through surveys or focus groups. In addition to collecting information on the characteristics of the population, the public health team will research the power structures. These are some of the questions that will be asked. What are the levels of power in freshman dorms? What are the current resources and initiatives to curb binge eating on campus? It is important to understand the levels of power in the freshman housing because individuals with power are influential and can enact the social mobilization. Additionally, it is also pertinent to know about the current resources available on campus so that we can connect students to these resources and also partner with these resource centers. There are currently

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