Essay about Binge Eating Disorder ( Bed ) And A Literature Review

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The goal of this paper is to introduce binge eating, as a behavior that will be modified. This paper will identify the definition of binge eating disorder (BED) and a literature review. For the purposes of this assignment, the researcher will acknowledge herself as the behaviorist as she confine herself to qualitative research on binge eating disorder and observable behaviors. The intervention that will be used is negative reinforcement, which comes from the cognitive behavior theory framework. The behaviorist will use a behavior reflection chart as an assessment tool throughout the modification. Identifiable strengths and limitation barriers are mentioned in response to the behavior change. Social work implications to behavior modification were listed to inform research to the social work profession and to develop research knowledge that is necessary to help assist in social and health risks for clients who experience binge eating behaviors.

The proposed framework was employed by the Cognitive-Behavioral Theory. Behavioral and cognitive theories have become more aware that clients undergo a combination of client problems that has a lot to do with their though process and the environment. In the essence of this study on binge eating, B.F. Skinners behavior theory of operant conditioning was used. Negative reinforcement is best suited to use on an individual who wishes to terminate a negative or aversive stimulus causing the frequency, intensity, or duration to increase.…

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