Binge Drinking And Uncontrolled Eating Behaviors Essay

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Kelly-Weeder (2010) identified binge drinking as one of the most serious health issues present on college campuses. Moreover, she took the time to investigate the relationship and co-occurrences between binge drinking and uncontrolled eating behaviors. For the purpose of the study, information was collected from 211 college students between 18 and 26 years of age. Students belonged to distinct backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses. More specifically, the data collected came from students at a private institution in the United States. The researcher, collected data by distributing an online survey, which clearly stated what binge drinking, was considered for both males and females. In addition, the researcher also made sure that the surveys clearly defined what was classified as a disorder-eating behavior. These included things such as binge eating, skipping meals, fasting, using any type of weight loss supplement, and self-inducing vomiting. Specific questions were asked by the researcher in order to classify someone as a binge drinker or disorder eater. These questions addressed things such as their alcohol consumption in the past two weeks, drink of choice, how often they consume alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, or any type of hard liquor. Similarly, questions regarding eating habits, weight loss or gain activity, how often participants skipped meals, used weight loss supplements, ate an amount that was larger than what they would regularly eat in one sitting in…

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