Billy’s Building Supplies Inc Essay

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Billy’s Building Supplies Inc.

Billy’s Building Supplies Inc is a local building supplies store established by Billy Green in 2005. Prior to 2005, Billy was working as a building contractor for a large building and construction company in Brisbane. After an unfortunate incident at the building site, Billy and Ted, a co-worker of Billy, were injured. Billy suffered severe injuries and received workers compensation to the value of five million dollars. Ted only suffered minor injuries and no compensation was awarded to him - he was declared fit to continue with the duties of his job as contractor. Billy’s injuries made it impossible for him to continue his job as building contractor and he invested his compensation funds in establishing
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He arranged for plates of sandwiches and muffins to be delivered to enjoy with their morning coffee. Billy introduced Ted to the rest of the team and they warmly welcomed the new employee to their team. Because Ted had no experience in working as sales assistant, Billy asked Ned, the senior sales assistant to show him around and to explain to him how things were done. Ted found Ned to be approachable and helpful and Ted soon understood what was expected from him.

Ted settled in quickly and for the first few months everything seemed to go very well. Ted’s background in the building industry provided him with the expertise to serve their customers with excellent advice and help on their building projects. Billy received very positive feedback from his customers about Ted and his sales increased. Although Ted enjoyed the challenge of the new job during the early months, the monotony of the job started to affect him and he became restless. He felt that every day was the same – a stream of customers asking the same questions over and over…

Three months into his new job, Ted invited Billy for a drink after work one Friday afternoon. After ordering drinks at the bar, Ted told Billy that he was now ready to move forward and take part-ownership of the business. He said that he now had a good understanding of the business and was getting bored with only serving the customers – he could now get involved with the management of the

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