Billy Smart 's Circus As A Clown Essay

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This review portrays a different attempt at highlighting my five essential items for Autumn. No need to rate this piece, comments would be suffice. It glares in the face of brevity and sticks out a tongue.

Crispy fall has just invited itself into our gardens as if it owns the place - not long ago while observing the American political landscape on a mild night, I thought November 8th (when Americans choose their President) was ample time for the 'Apprentice Star ' Donald J Trump to do something stupid and lucid, that 'll get him to the White House. Yeh, it 's three weeks away now and I 'm still in suspense. What will he do next? Join Billy Smart 's circus as a clown... Well, we 're use to circus life in the UK - notably, most of the US Presidents generally have a strong British connection, usually of blue blood or somehow reside in UK elitism via hook or crook... To make Trump half bearable, he is half Scottish, thus, why it 's written in the Autumn leaves, he 's the chosen one to kick the American can into the long grass of hope, dreams and prosperity. And what a fine trio they are; always up for amiable banter and extras. Just ask Nigel Farage, he 's known as the 'everywhere man ' - selling his anti-establishment junk in a 'Farage Sale ' to the US; yep, where-ever there 's banter, cigars and beer he 'll make an appearance, anything for Farage Sale Clearance.

Quite honestly, I don 't really care who wins the race, I 'm curious about the humanology beneath the egos…

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