Billy Graham 's Leadership Style And Communication Skills Affected The United States

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In today’s society, effective leaders are essential to an organization and exceptional leadership techniques impact the success of reaching goals. Most important leaders are often viewed and analyzed as a key component of an organization. Improperly trained leaders can cause both moral and costly negative consequences. Even though unprepared leaders lead in our community today, Billy Graham’s leadership style and communication skills affected the United States because he exhibits the characteristic of a leader. There were several obstacles as a leader that Billy Graham endured as a visionary, and his leadership effectiveness and traits observed throughout his ministry.
Billy Graham was in born November 1918 in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he grew up on a farm. Afterward, Graham attended Bob Jones College and later the Florida Bible Institute (Evans, 2015). At the same time, Graham began a career as a local pastor, a Christian evangelist and became ordained in the Southern Baptist church. Furthermore, Billy Graham later in life became the CEO of Christianity Today magazine Co. and also the president of Gordon Cromwell Seminary. However, he was known as ‘America Pastor” his evangelical voice reached thousands of people while advocating the need for people to make a personal commitment to Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior” (Evans, 2015).
As a leader Graham used communication as his weapon, his vision was to change the method of how Christianity presented salvation. “While…

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