Billy Corrigan Case Study Examples

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Shekera Roberts
Case Conceptualization of Billy Corrigan
Rutgers University: School of Health Professions

Name of the counselor: Shekera Roberts
Date: 10/4/17
Fictional name of the case: William “Billy” Corrigan
Fictional counseling setting: Southern New Jersey Counseling Center
Session number: 2nd session
Estimated # of sessions required / Finished # of sessions: 4 sessions

Client Identification
Billy is a 39-year-old Caucasian male. He is a high school graduate with no higher education. Billy is currently unemployed and is receiving unemployment benefits. He is currently single and reports no functional limitations.

Presenting problems
Billy was referred to counseling by his aunt and uncle. They are concerned that
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He states he, his mother, father, and brother got along well and recalls a “happy childhood”. Billy also states having a close relationship with both maternal and paternal grandparents. At the age of 17, Billy’s parent’s separated and his father, unemployed, moved out of the family home and in with a family friend, but their relationship remained close. His mother began a new relationship shortly after with a 35-year-old laborer named Timothy.
Shortly after this, Billy’s father was a victim of homicide after a home robbery at the age of 44. Billy stated his took his father’s death harder than anyone in his family as he considered his father to be one of his best friends. After this, Billy and his older brother had a falling out. Although he does not remember what started it, Billy and his brother have not spoken since. A year after his father’s death, his mother, Linda, was also a victim of homicide at the age of 43. His At the time of her death, she was a homemaker. Billy recalls coming home from school one afternoon and finding her unresponsive in the living room. Billy moved in with his maternal grandparents, both retired, after his mother’s death and states he was “trouble” and his behavior caused a strain on their relationship. To this day, both parent’s murders remain unsolved. Billy reports no relevant mental health issues in his

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