Billy Changer Research Paper

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Music is an ever evolving idea that every person has the ability to change, the question is, will you? We had the privilege to sit down and talk with Billy Changer, a new aged musician with a vision for future. Get ready world, as a wise man once said,"we're going to Billy Change you."

Being exposed to some of the greats, such as The Rolling Stones and Hawkwind, at a very young age, Billy's musical inspirations started early. "My dad has been a rocker all his life, I thank him for showing me good psychedelic music when I was young." Billy opens up to us, saying that even though his dad wasn't perfect in a sense, he did have a huge impact on his interest in music. "My parents did want me to play, they put me in guitar lessons at the community center, and that's kind of how I got
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in the band Corners, Billy's style in music has progressed into his current sound. "In fact I've created my own insane name for the music I record: Mutant Pop," when we ask to describe what that sounds like, he replies with, "I'd like to think we sound like Modest Mouse, Deerhunter, Beach Fossils, New Order, and The Cure." Becoming a musician is a risky decision, what makes it worth while? We asked him why he makes music, simply replying with, "I don't want to be making music, I HAVE to make music. There's nothing else more me and I'm determined to make that way." Billy Changer has a raw passion for what he does, and that's something that's hard to come by nowadays. Money is the most important thing to many people, and musicians don't tend to make a lot of it. That's why it's even more important to support your local musicians, let them know that you appreciate what they are doing and head over to your local venue sometime, you may just realize that that's something you want to

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