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Major Works Data Sheet
Billy Budd
1. Title: Billy Budd
2. Author: Herman Melville
3. Date of Publication: 1924 (posthumously)
4. Historical Information: As divulged to the reader, Billy Budd takes place in 1797 in the midst of the French Revolution. Throughout the mid- 1790s, Britain enacted new quota requirements to enlist 45,000 men in the Royal Navy, which was filled by means of volunteers, the Quota Acts, and most popularly, the impressing of men from merchant ships, as Melville demonstrates. Actual events that occurred in April and May of 1797 were the Spithead and Nore Mutinies, these incidents were offset by the despicable onboard conditions, the severe punishments and increasingly sparse pay while at sea. The pitying
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Although Melville is very adept in describing certain people, places, or events, it is apparent that he could have used a few periods instead of prattling and rambling on. The author may have thought that using lengthy sentences like this enhance the text; however, it simply makes it harder to read and comprehend his point. Next, Melville uses the literary device of allusion widely all through the book. He alludes to people such as: Thomas Paine (7), Adam and the Garden of Eden (11,66), the Serpent (meaning Satan)(11, 71), Abraham and Isaac (91), Tecumseh (28), Stephen Decatur (17) and countless more. Melville also alludes to: Bunker Hill (31), Calvinism (42), the Monitor (18), Phrenology (29), the Apocalypse (30), and the Cross (113). All of these people, things, and topics really did exist in the world, making the novella possibly more believable since all of them were not conjured up in

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