Billboards Case Study

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What Types of Benefits Benefit From Billboard Rentals?

Local businesses are best suited for billboards. Billboards are only seen by drivers who regularly pass by the sign, so the advertisements must be designed for a local business. Renting a billboard is effective for companies that sell high-ticket items or products that everyone needs. The billboard will reach out to any driver, so advertising a telescope is not particularly effective. Niche items like telescopes or bird watching binoculars do not do as well on billboards because only a tiny fraction of the people who drive by will be interested.

Instead of advertising items with a limited customer base, businesses should focus on products that reach out to every consumer. Everyone needs
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Billboards do not move, so businesses have to choose the right spot immediately. Often, the best locations are rented out for months in advance. This can make it difficult for companies to find the location that they want immediately.

When used incorrectly, billboards can seem trite or overly complex. Drivers speed by these billboards quickly, so the images must be simple enough for someone to easily understand. Likewise, the billboard will be a first step in creating a company brand. If the billboard has cheesy slogans, it may hurt the brand more than it helps it. When used properly, billboards can be a vital marketing technique. Businesses must learn which techniques work best for their company and how to achieve their marketing goals.

Guide to Renting a Billboard: How Much Does It Cost?

The easiest way to rent a billboard is through an advertising agency. Depending on the location and the agency, the costs vary significantly. For a 14 ' by 48 ' billboard, individuals can expect the following costs for a four-week rental:

Albuquerque, New Mexico: $1,200
Atlanta, Georgia: $3,000
Indianapolis, Indiana:
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Advertisements tend to be more dynamic because the images can move, change and include more information. To be cost effective, billboard owners typically place digital billboards in high traffic areas. Even if the company 's advertisement only appears a quarter of the time, the advertisements will still reach more consumers. Since the advertisements can change at any moment, businesses can also select specific times of the day for the advertisement to appear.

What Factors Determine a Billboard 's Cost?

The main determinants for a billboard 's cost are demographics and impressions. Areas with high income levels typically charge more for a billboard than an area with a low income. Likewise, the expected number of impressions impacts how much a billboard rental costs. If the road is extremely busy, there will be more impressions and a higher rental

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