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AMB200 Consumer Behaviour Portfolio

The purpose of this assessment is for you to understand consumer behaviour by applying theories to your own behaviour. In this assessment, you will submit three (3) out of six (6) tutorial worksheets as part of a portfolio. You must submit worksheet 1 and then choose any two (2) from worksheet 2 to 6. The tutorial program has been designed to assist your learning and is directly linked to this assessment. You should aim to attend most of the tutorials if you seek a good mark.

Consumer Behaviour List
In the first tutorial, you will be select ONE consumer behaviour from the list below that you have done in the last three months. You will then complete worksheets in the tutorials of
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You may format the content to be consistent with your font; colours etc. however do not move tables around, change headings or alter question numbers. Ensure that your tables do not go over the page. You may use 10 point single-space for the table content. * Provide visual evidence of anything related to the topic you have selected (screen capture a website, photograph, diagram, image, etc)

Worksheet 1 * Part A of each worksheet assesses your knowledge of a particular theory(ies) and as such does not require you to reference the content. Just use the information from the textbook and the lecture notes to assist you. Most of this content will be in tables and will not consume your word count. * Part B of each worksheet assesses your ability to translate consumer behaviour theory into practice. This section requires you to demonstrate insight into your own behaviour. You may use additional references in this section however there is no need to go beyond three references per worksheet. This section is where most of the word count for this worksheet will be used, be concise and articulate. Provide your response in 2 – 4 paragraphs and do not use dot-points or numbered lists.
Worksheet 2 (select any from tutorials 2 – 6) * Same format requirements as worksheet 1
Worksheet 3 (select any from tutorials 2 – 6) *

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