Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bill Russell

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[BC] Bill Russell

[C] Advantages: Athleticism, Versatility on both ends, Rebounding skills

[C] Weaknesses: Shooting, Size vs other big’s

[C]Seasons in the league: 13


[C]Career Stats:
[C]☤ 15.1 PPG☤
[C]☤ 4.3 APG☤
[C]☤ 22.5 RPG☤
[C]☤ .440 FG%☤
[C]☤ 13.4 FGA☤

[C] Accolades:11x NBA Champion, 5x NBA MVP, 12x All star, ‘63 Allstar MVP, 3x NBA first team, 8x NBA 2nd team, ‘69 Defensive first team, 4x Rebounding champ, NO. 6 retired by Celtics.

[C]Bill Russell, a player who this list could have not have even begun without. Russell a player who embodied all of those fundamentals I listed above except one which was the 3 point shot. Russell was one of the most athletics bigs
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He was a transcendent athlete with an unparalleled degree of strength and patience in the paint, this sort of refers to his quote as well, “The idea is not to block every shot. The idea is to make your opponent believe that you might block every shot”.Sadly we will never get to know his blocking averages as the NBA started recording blocks after he retired.

[C]As an individual player, many will argue that Bill Russell never really took the driver's seat against the competition. Consistency, leadership and defensive prowess can all amount to dominance, and Russell embodied them all. You can criticize him in any way you please, but his owning 11 NBA championships rings is the only rebuttal necessary.

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[CI]We’ve seen many bigger and stronger players than Hakeem Olajuwon but nobody with his incredible skillset.Hakeem the dream dazzled many people with his legendary moves and that is a lot for a player who started playing the game at age 17! His Inside out passing which he found open shooter again and again would be a great skill for todays NBA,Passing big are starting to do a lot of work nowadays.
[CI]There's always been a case for Hakeem being the best center of all time but usually the most charming case has been him being the best two way center of all time. Besides being a authentic Elite defender, He was one of the greatest offensive forces of all time.Whether it was the 60s or today’s era Hakeem’s crazy skillset would dominate.
[CI]The Dream won a few championship rings and Final MVPs as the leader of the then Dominant Houston Rockets. Olajuwon also won a league MVP and snagged the DEfensive Player of the Year award in ‘93 and ‘94. To prove his greatness Hakeem won a title, Finals MVP,league MVP and DPOY awards all in the year of

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