Bill of Rights and Amendments Essay

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The Bill of Rights and Amendments Throughout history the United of States experiences several of events. These events made an impact on our nation which left a mark. The impact of the events led to the changes of the constitution which are referred to as amendments. The original ten amendments made to the United States Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights, these were created by our forefathers. This essay will discuss, the understanding of why did our amendments became a part of the constitution, and what issues of the original documents motivated the adoption of the Bill of rights. People and the government are constantly making changes which could affect their lives as well as others. Therefore, there were many effects because …show more content…
Many Americans wanted a official document containing their rights, so the President could not make any changes to the law because of their personal needs or desires. The Bill of Rights was proposed by James Madison, December 15, 1971 the Bill of rights was adopted to prevent abuse of the powers by the federal government. The Bill of rights listed specific prohibitions on governmental power. The document provided greater constitutional protection for the liberties of an individual.
The thirteen through fifteen amendments Amendments thirteen-fifteen are known as the Reconstruction or Civil War Amendments because they were passed soon after the Civil War. These amendments address issues in relation to political and legal status for African Americans. The thirteen amendment were passed in 1865; this amendment would ban slaver, give rights to slaves in the United States. The fourteenth was adopted 1868, this amendment states anyone who is born in the United States is granted citizenship. The African Americans were given the same rights as all the other Americans. African Americans were still treated unfairly after this amendment was passed, they did not have the same rights as other Americans. Voting was one of the rights that African Americans did not have. Caucasians did not want African Americans to have the right to vote because they understood that voting would give them power to change things. The Caucasians did not want African Americans to

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