Bill Of Bill And Bill Essay examples

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All the bills that have been created in hopes of being passed go through the same process. Firstly, there is a first hearing. This consists of the introduction of the bill and the bill being assigned to a committee. Secondly, there is a second hearing. This is the time when bills receive amendments from the floor. Lastly, there is a third reading. This is when the bill is voted out of committee. The bill either gets either a yes or no vote from the committee members. If the bill gets a yes vote then it goes to the opposite chamber, whether that be the House or Senate. However, I if the bill gets a no vote in the committee than they bill “died”. Even though this may be true, the bill can be resurrected as an amendment to another bill that is related in subject. HB 1030, or A Help, deals with higher education loans. The purpose of the bill was to give low interest loans to people that that intended to go into fields of science, technology or math, which are in high consumer demand but lack the necessary personnel to accommodate these demands. However, the program was only for students that had plans to go to selected colleges that are both prestigious and highly applied to. These colleges and universities included the University of Washington, Clark College, Pacific Northwest University, and Washington State University. Furthermore, it was only for middle to upper middle class students that reach just above the requirements for financial aid programs and are…

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