Bill Nye And Ken Ham Essay

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Bill Nye and Ken Ham had an argument creation vs. evolution in 2014. Nye was for creation while Ham was against creation and for evolution. It occurred over more than a two-hour debate where both of the men presented their beliefs on how they view the Earth and how its surroundings were created. During the debate a man named Richard Arthur made a top rated comment that said, "As a Christian I will say this: My faith does not require me to believe in the age of the earth as outlined in the Bible. Christ commanded me to love and that is where all Christians need to focus. Discussing how many fairies can dance on the head of a pin is a distraction." Many of those supported that comment he made even some atheists. Through the debate they stated that many Christians believe that God used evolution for creation. Nye ended up winning that argument between the two leaving Ham speechless throughout most of the argument. I would have to agree with Nye’s side due to the information that he presented and as a Christian, what really needs to be focused on such as Arthur stated during the debate. When it comes to creation vs. evolution debates, many creationists win due to the fact that evolution does not have much support behind it while creation has a lot of the bible. Many leading evolutionists decline the offer to have a scientific debate of creation of evolution now a day. The Creation Ministries International is a network of creation ministries that started in Australia and now…

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