Essay on Bill Hickey Is My Great Uncle On My Mom 's Mother 's Side

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Bill Hickey is my Great Uncle on my mom’s mother’s side. My grandmother and her siblings grew up in castledermot, county Kildare Ireland. The Irish Parliament met in Castledermot on 18 June 1264 for the first time. The oldest window in western europe that is still intact can be found in Castledermot from the ruins of a Franciscan Monastery. The current population is 885 people. Bill grew up in kildare and many of his songs are about Kildare. He typically reminisces on the old days of Kildare in his songs. He now lives in Lombard, illinois. My Grandmother came to chicago in 1966 and shortly after the rest of her family came over in 1974. My Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother had six kids: Mick, Kay, Rita, Josephine, Billy, and Breda. Kay was the first to come over to the U.S. in 1965 and bought an apartment. When my grandmother had turned 18, Kay invited her to come live with her in chicago. Shortly after my grandmother, or as we call her Nana, attended a dance with her sister in Chicago and there met my Grandfather (Papa). My Papa was in the Army at the time and he was there with a few friends of his from the army. They had all come to this dance together and as my grandfather explains it, he saw my grandmother across the dance floor and thought she was cute. He didn’t know how old she was. He asked to dance with her and they began dating shortly after. When my grandfather found out her age of only 18, he wanted to break up with her seeing that he was 26 and ready to…

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