Essay on Bill Gates 's Impact On The 21st Century

801 Words Nov 5th, 2015 4 Pages
Bill Gates obviously wants to make the world a better place to live in. He has impacted the world since 1975 when he discovered Microsoft©, and plans on pursuing his impact throughout the 21st century. Over the next 15 years, Gates plans to help improve many different factors. He calls them “breakthroughs.” Improvements among health, farming, banking, and education will be made. Deaths, food, technology, and software are linked to each of the four breakthroughs. Gates has many valid points among each, and all four most definitely need to be improved. The thing is, some of the points he makes about changing the world do not seem logical among improving banking and education. Questions arose into my head while reading his article about these two breakthroughs specifically. The changes that Gates addresses in the article among banking and education by 2030 are very intellectually strong, but the goals are not prioritized. Greater improvements and smaller steps need to be made before adding more technology into communities and classrooms.
Bill Gates idea about the improvement of banking is that it will greatly affect people’s lives: “Mobile banking will help the poor radically transform their lives”(Gates, Bill and Melinda 3). There will be a major difference between old banking and new banking. With old banking, many people of the poor countries did not even trust banks. Instead they had to save their money at home because in most cases they did not have access to…

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