Bill Gates and Tim Berners-Lee: Their Contributions to Information Technology and the IT Industry

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Bill Gates and Tim Berners-Lee:
Their Contributions to Information Technology and the IT Industry

Nowadays, information technology is playing a significant role in human’s life. Actually, it has only been developing for several decades. In fact, there are two key men who contribute greatly for this process. They are Bill Gates and Tim Berners-Lee. This essay will explain their contribution to IT and its industry and discuss it in several aspects.

There remain several differences between the computer before early 1970s and they are now. At that time, it is very huge and expensive. In January 1975, Popular Electronics magazine announced that the first microcomputer of the world which called Altair 800 had appeared. It is a real
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He attempted to use it to save the information in data, share it to the researchers and update it. In December 1980, Berners-Lee left CERN and worked for Image Computer System
Ltd. He designed a variety system and collected much experience during this time. In
1984, Berners-Lee returned to CERN as a fellow to contribute to the network of the lab computers. He also did research in programming which allowed computers to connect

and communicate. In 1989, Berners-Lee combined the idea of hypertext and network, and then he drew up a plan to create a global document system with hypertext, which could be used to share information and results without exchanging e-mail often. In a different way, they could be updated “online” and be downloaded at any time.
Berners-Lee started to design the first web server and client by writing the program with the same ideas of the ENQUIRE system. They finally came out in 1991, and it meant the first website was founded. Berners-Lee connected the web servers and users by a protocol, called Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). After working hard for three years, Berners-Lee established the World Wide Web in the United States. Furthermore, the word “Internet” is popular gradually, which refers to the whole World Wide Web.
(Britannica 2013) It is a revolution in the history of Information Technology.

With the development of Internet, Bill Gates saw the opportunity and was interested in

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