Bill Gates: An Effective Leader In Microsoft

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Register to read the introduction… The task was to find out why and how he did it. Finding out why is evident. Everyone wants to be able to not have any money problems. He definitely did that and beyond. To find out how was the challenge. There was quite a lot of research to be done and at last, it is complete. Searching for the right information was the biggest challenge. After all of the research, the reading and writing, it is conclusive that Bill Gates was a very effective leader in Microsoft, and the world of technology due to his commitment, for people have an easier way to communicate, and to do their work easier than with the typewriter. That being said, the typewriter is still today, a very integral part of any computing system. Without the “keyboard”, (as it is now called) how would a person operate a …show more content…
Even if the BASIC was there, where would the world be if no one decided to do what Bill did? This criticism is just plain jealousy. There is basically a PC on every desk in every home in this day and age. It is all owed to Bill Gates. In order to show this man’s humility, after 33 years, he has now retired from Microsoft. He is now focusing on his and his wife Melinda’s foundation which has something to do with less fortunate children and; computers of course.
Summary and Conclusions
From his days in Lakeland school, Bill Gates was driven to succeed in technology. He spent many days and nights learning software and was determined to make this software compatible with the PC. His leadership styles are very well thought of. Taking care of his employees was the key to his success. His employees trusted him, and usually hung on his every word. This man took $20,000 and turned it into billions.
Although this paper sums up the leadership styles of this icon, we can assume the next step would be to follow his proceedings with his foundation. Bill Gates is a very remarkable leader. He did this while utilizing empathy, ethics, and morals. This is what a leader must do in order to accomplish their organizational goals. In a nut shell, Bill Gates was and is a genius, pure

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