Bilingualism in Canada: Good or Bad? Essay examples

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Bilingualism in Canada: Good or Bad?

I believe that bilingualism is central to Canada’s identity, as well as other languages. Pierre Elliott Trudeau has said that, “Bilingualism unites people; dualism divides them. Bilingualism means you can speak to the other; duality means you live in one language and the rest of Canada will live in another language”.

Bilingualism is an essential part of Canadian nature and in the Canadian policy it promotes individuals to study a different language so you can be able to have mutual understanding with others. One thing to define being a Canadian is living in a country with two official languages, but doesn’t mean that living
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The amount of people who talk another language other than English has increased aggressively. About 77% of Canadians know the importance in having the need to learn and preserving the two official languages, while 90% of the Canadian population agree that people who speak more than one language have more chances to be more successful in the global economy. In a study, it is said that bilingualism makes Canada more attractive. In the census it confirms that 5.8 million citizens speak about two languages at home an increase of 1.3 million people.

The most spoken languages in Canada, after English and French, are, in order of importance, Spanish, German, Italian, Hindi, Arab, Chinese, Russian and Hebrew. In the workplace, the second language most used by English-speaking Canadians is French, followed by Spanish, Italian and German.

The bilinguals can change between different languages and speak to people in various languages. It enhances wisdom of self-esteem. Being bilingual builds a great link in diverse people from different countries. It gives a broad knowledge of various ideas and traditions. It advances the ways of thinking and behaving. They don’t see any problems in communicating if there in a foreign country.

Bilingualism is excellent for people and the society in benefiting Canadians politically, socially and economically. A lawyer in central Europe says that,

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