Bilingualism : Bilingualism And Culture Essay

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Writing: Bilingualism and Culture

Throughout my high school years, literacy was presented to students as a boring task; one where opinions were not considered and what was mostly important was the overall message the author presented. It was defined as the ability to read and write. However, what does literacy really mean? I believe literacy is what allows you to express yourself and to voice your opinion. It is the freedom to read and write as YOU like; which helps us make sense of the world around us. Many factors come into place in determining each person’s way of writing: past experiences, culture habits, bilingual abilities, and praise can all make part of each individual’s abilities. Literacy is a way to learn about yourself and to teach others a new way of writing, shaped by all the factors I mentioned. In other words, literacy is power.
Bilingualism and culture were a great impact on myself as a writer, having both positive and negative effects toward it. When a person is bilingual, at least in my case, we often think in both languages; so when it comes to writing, there are words that either you know in one language or like better in the other, leading to a controversial decisions between what is better. I also think bilingual people often practice and perfect one language over the other, creating a challenge when writing in the other dialect. This was and has always been my dilemma. I believe I am much more fluent in Spanish than in English,…

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