Bilingual Education Essay

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Do you think that learning foreign language is important? How about entering the children to bilingual school? Will it increase their second language ability? In fact, there were many researchers and experts had been discussed about the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of bilingual education. One of the reasons why the bilingual schools can be unacceptable studies is when the study did not appropriate statistical tests (Rossell & Baker, 1996). On the other hand, Dr. Roberto Fillipi (2014) in BBC News stated that acquisition of two languages provides beneficial effects on cognitive developmental. The bilingual education can be taught from the early childhood level or even for senior high school level.
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For instance, bilingual education has a potential to make the children feel confuse and uncertain with using the language. As stated in the Jakarta post (23 July 2005) the teaching and learning process can use the improper grammar and confusing sentence or even the incorrectly translate vocabulary. However, Bilingual school can also increase students’ problem solving ability positively. In this case, the problem solving ability is highlighted in language acquisition. Kessler & Quinn (1987) in Saunders (1988) stated that bilingual children have superiority in thinking. The example of this can be learned from the research by Carringer (1974) which studied that 15-year-old Spanish/English bilingual children promoted creative ability through verbal and figural fluency. Regarding this, the development of the bilingual schools of Indonesia has to consider that thing because the problem solving ability in language acquisition can also be achieved by implementing the bilingual education. The divergent thinking that is owned by the bilingual children can help them improve their fluency in verbal and figural creativity. Although students can get uncertain and confuse by using the language, but the schools can apply the suitable ways to fix the grammar or vocabulary problems. For example, the school must use the appropriate approach, method, strategy, and technique to teach the students. Thus, this way can help the students to enhance their problem solving

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