Bilingual Is Only The Minimum Requirement Essay

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Among the series of posts The Translation Times has I will first point out the post where they explain that being bilingual does not automatically makes you a translator or interpreter. The twins have a very intelligent in a sarcastic way of approaching this topic. People tend to think that because they speak and write in a language, they could be a translator and/or interpreter. But things do not work like that. The post “Two Hands=Violinist?” is where the twins go into great detail about why being bilingual does not automatically makes you a translator and/or interpreter. One of the first ideas they wrote about is that “just because you like to do something, it does not mean you will do it well or that others would pay for you to do”, this is something that the general public seems to not know and assumes that just because someone has the ability to know a language that instantly means that they have the ability to translate and interpret. The twins say that “being bilingual is only the minimum requirement for this job” just like having two hands is a requirement to being a violinist. This is al a process, not all bilinguals can be translators and/or interpreters but all translators and interpreters are bilinguals. The twins try to also prove their point by the use of analogies. Some of the most interesting analogies they wrote about are: being bilingual does not makes you a translator, just like being tall does not make you a basketball player; being bilingual does not…

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