Bilingual Essay : English And Vietnamese

790 Words May 25th, 2016 4 Pages
I am bilingual in English and Vietnamese. I came to the United States as an immigrant seven years ago. My family’s biggest struggle at the time was language barrier. Both of my parents do not speak English. However, my dad has been living with seizure disorder since 1980s caused by the traffic accident. Later, he was also diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Being along with my dad’s journey; I had seen him gone into the ambulance whenever he got seizure. There was time he got seizure attack while he was driving the motorcycle. I had witness his life goes up and down with his disorder. My family was desperate on seeking for the treatment in hope that would stop him from getting seizure attack. It was a hard time of my family life and we were all at the point wanted to give up due to our financial problem. Fortunately, after we settled down in the United States, we were able to apply to one of health care system for low-income family. This helped my parents to able to have more checkups on their health. As I began to help out them with translating during their doctor appointments; I gradually enhanced an interest in the healthcare field. It was fascinating and very inspirational to witness such caring and compassionate work that the nurses and health care staffs performed toward my family members. I learned that this profession requires extensive critical thinking, which is rooted in evidence based on practice and compassion. These motives lead me to have a desire to provide a…

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