Bilingual Education Is Detrimental For American Society Essay

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Bilingual Education Is Detrimental to American Society.

As America rises to be an extremely multicultural nation, it is inferred that as a nation, educating immigrants in the english language is beneficial, however accustoming to various languages is destructive to the standard tongue used. Bilingual education has been a major aspect in the history of the American education system. However, bilingual education has become a less used term due to the disloyalty it brought over the course of history and is now referred to as structured english immersion programs (SEI). The introduction of structured english immersion programs has become a highly debated issue in relation to today’s modern technique of teaching. It is argued that these programs should be given as assistance, which offers instruction in accordance to student immigrants’ native language to gradually help them learn english. In result, the guidance received will help them succeed in english courses, a course in which they would have a disadvantage due to their lack of consistency in the english language. Although it may seem that these programs are at a necessity, some argue that american education should be based as ‘english-only’, which studies imply that students who are forced into the english language will have positive long term results as compared to the gradual introduction through their native language. It is also extremely apparent that the programs are funded at a high cost, which may bring to…

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