Bilingual Education And English Immersion Essay

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Hannah Kariuki moved to the United States at the age of five and was enrolled in the Bilingual program. Hannah was fluent in Swahili, with a year and a half of the program, it provided her the English skills she needed. Unfortunately, today Hannah cannot read, write nor speak fluent Swahili. The Bilingual program is a program designed for immigrant students who are learning English. There are two main types of bilingual programs; Bilingual Education and English Immersion. Bilingual Education is where students are taught both in their native language and English. English immersion is a monolingual communicative approach, where only English is used in a classroom. The fight for Bilingual programs began during the civil rights movement when Latin Americans demanded for equal education. Today, both bilingual programs are exercised around the world. In the United States, it acts as a curriculum that one uses when learning English. Between the two programs, bilingual education approaches the immigrant students in a much more welcoming manner compared to English immersion. Bilingual education uses the student’s native language, it embraces the student’s culture and it reduces anxiety and any chance of homesickness.
There are many reasons to why some people prefer the Bilingual education over English Immersion. One of the reasons is Bilingual education offers classes both in English and the student’s native language, unlike English Immersion. Bilingual Education Emphasize on the…

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