Bilbo's Discovery Of Bravery In The Hobbit By JRR Tolkien

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Bilbo’s Discovery of Bravery
An American soldier, Omar. W Bradley once said, “bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death”( In the novel, The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, Bilbo Baggins, a timid and meek hobbit, proves this true, as he overcomes his sheepishness, and battles terrifying creatures along his extensive journey. Bilbo Baggins is just an ordinary hobbit who is forced into an adventure, but the experiences along the journey teach him how to become a hero. A group of dwarves and their leader, Thorin, one day show up at Bilbo’s home expecting him to join their adventure to a dragon’s lair. At first Bilbo is very humble and timid, but as the journey progresses, he becomes more outgoing and
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He embodies the role as a hero early on in the story, as Bilbo wakes up one day to find the dwarves captured by the spiders, struggling for their lives. Bilbo knows that they all will soon die and fights for his friends’ lives. He ultimately saves the dwarves, and “somehow the killing of the giant spider, all alone by himself in the dark without the help of the wizard or the dwarves.., made a great difference to Mr. Baggins. He [feels] like a different person, much fiercer and bolder” (156). This is a huge change from his timid reactions in the beginning of the novel. Bilbo, knowing the spider 's ability to kill him, musters all the courage and bravery he has in him and saves his friends in their time of need, becoming a better person in the process. Even though the dwarves are very skeptical of Bilbo at the beginning of the story and question why he is needed, the dwarves gain respect for Bilbo, after he heroically saves their lives. The spiders have the power to kill and the dwarves know “too well that they soon [would] have been dead if it had not been for the Hobbit” (166). Bilbo goes out of his way to save his trapped friends, and finally gains the respect of the from the dwarves. If it the hobbit is not their, the dwarves will be undoubtedly dead if Bilbo does not display his courageous acts. Bilbo’s fight …show more content…
After Bilbo’s first victory, he is called to help his friends once more when the dwarves are captured by the wood elves. Luckily, Bilbo has the ability to disappear due to his magic ring he finds in Gollum, a small slimy creature who tries to trick Bilbo’s, cave making him capable of sneaking around unseen. Bilbo discovers a water gate, and for some time he “sat and thought about [it wondering] if it could be used for the escape of his friends, and at last he has the desperate beginnings of a plan” (177). Bilbo risks his life sneaking around the prison attempting to free his friends. This a major change from the Bilbo in the beginning of the story who wants no part of this adventure at all. Bilbo helps his friends in their time of need, showing signs of becoming a true hero. The dwarves are very reluctant to Bilbo 's plan at first, but before long he has them floating down the river in the pursuit of freedom. Even as Bilbo is surfing on top of a barrel, all he can think about are the dwarves’ safety. Bilbo completely forgets about himself and his safety, and wonders “what the dwarves are feeling and whether a lot of water is getting into their tubs” (185). As Bilbo is struggling to stay alive on top of that barrel his only concern is the dwarves safety. At this moment he does not care what happens to him, all he cares about is if his friends are safe. Bilbo

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