Bilateral Cooperation Between Brazil And Cameroon Essay example

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Topic: Bilateral Cooperation between Brazil and Cameroon States do not engage or take actions beyond their borders randomly. They are often aware of both internal and external factors. Beasley and other (2013) argue that “it’s precisely because states are experiencing challenges and transformation both internally and externally that the analysis of foreign policy is important.”(pp.1). Comparing two countries in foreign policy taking into account their internal and external factors has proven to be a perilous task and many scholars agree. However, students in International Affairs must take this step I order to broader their knowledge in comparative foreign policy. In fact, the international configuration is vastly animated by bilateral structures and mutual interactions among nation-states. In this dynamic configuration, states are exponentially fostering within the framework of their foreign policy, mechanisms to cooperate more efficiently. Therefore; the bilateral relationships established between the Federal Republic of Brazil and the Republic of Cameroon are part of this logic. Brazil since the 1980’s has been more active on the international arena and therefore has diversified its foreign partners and has strengthened its bilateral and multilateral relationships with other emerging countries. On the other hand, Cameroon with its pivotal geography on the African continent appears to be a strategic Brazilian partner. Cameroon has been…

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